Where IS iFLUX Billboard Gone?

Time:2017-03-29 15:36:41

March 28 at around 7 in the morning, in Kigali, Rwanda, iFLUX billboard ad was stolen by three men pretending to be iFLUX staff. The police quickly arrested the suspects based on video clues. The suspects said they were payed by iFLUX competitor to destroy the billboard.


(Before and after)

It seems that the good market behavior of iFLUX has made some competitors feel discontent or even jealous. 

As a new brand of LED lighting in African market, iFLUX has quickly expanded in many countries, like Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Cost, and has gained good reputation among business partners and consumers. 


(iFLUX in supermarkets)


(iFLUX billboard ad in Kenya)

The road to become a successful brand must be full of thorns, but iFLUX surely has no fear of difficulties.

On the other hand, iFLUX advocates fair competition and will keep focusing on providing affordable high quality LED lighting products to the market.

iFLUX hopes that our competitors follow the market rules and be gracious. If not, we will take legal means to safeguard our rights and interests.