Light up Africa, Together We Can

Time:2016-08-29 11:23:00

We can not deny the fact that Africa has limited access to clean and affordable energy. Even today, most African countries are still following the outdated high-carbon pathway the developed countries have followed. But local governments have realized the importance of developing clean energy to promote economic prosperity and safeguard the sustainability of our planet.

Power Nigeria conference is a great platform built to satisfy the great demand of developing electrical energy lighting market in Nigeria and the surrounding area. It was held at Eko Hotel in Lagos from 3rd - 5th November, 2015.



Among dozens of exhibitors from across the world in electricity, lighting and new energy sectors, iFLUX, a professional LED lighting brand owned by Shenzhen Tecno Technology Co., Ltd, was a new face. This time, it brought a wide range of innovative lighting products in the field of life, industry and commerce, etc.


Light is an essential part of life. For manufacturers, providing lighting products of reliable quality, reasonable prices and comfortable sensation is critical. With the core value of products “Quality Light, Quality Life”, iFLUX has outstanding performance in all aspects.
Embedded with top LED chip technology and equipped with high transmittance shade, iFLUX products can provide users with healthier, safer and more eco-friendly light using a minimum of 20% of the power compared to regular lighting products.
There is no doubt that intelligent lighting is the road map for an energy-efficient Africa. For there is an unprecedented demand of energy on the continent, as millions of homes for the first time across the continent are getting connected to the grid. Besides, the needs of GDP boosting sectors like industries and agriculture is rising dramatically.
In Nigeria, the rising cost of self-power generation and monthly energy bills are putting an already weakened middle class back to the fringes of poverty.
The high cost makes LED lights unaffordable for many African consumers, while iFLUX is decided to offering reasonable prices. What’s more, iFLUX products promise to last up to 30 times longer than traditional products, and consume less power for a longer period. Choosing this solution in houses and offices will be a smart way for owners and entrepreneurs to save energy cost in both the long and short terms.
From R&D to manufacture, distribution system to professional after-sale service provided by Carlcare, iFLUX pays attention to each part of a product life cycle in this industry.


We hope that by supplying affordable lighting products with high quality, iFLUX can provide better light for Nigeria and other African consumers and help further meet the ever-growing demand of clean energy and even solve the problem of poverty and pollution.
Light up Africa, together we can!