Shenzhen: Landscape lighting facilities are intended to provide maintenance and electricity subsidies

Time:2019-06-11 13:45:27

Last year, Shenzhen Futian Central District Light Show received widespread attention from the society, and urban landscape lighting has become an important part of the beautification of urban night scenes. A few days ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Administration and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau announced the “Interim Measures for Urban Landscape Lighting Maintenance Fees and Electricity Charges (Draft for Comment)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Interim Measures”), and it is planned to hold a hearing on July 2. According to the Interim Measures, the landscape lighting facilities in the key areas such as Futian District, Luohu District, Nanshan District, and Yantian District's landscape lighting “three simultaneous” construction projects, etc., can be given maintenance fees according to the Interim Measures. And electricity subsidies.


Landscape lighting in key areas of Futian, Luohu, Nanshan and Yantian will enjoy maintenance and electricity subsidies. Landscape lighting will be used to beautify the city at night. At the same time, it also needs to consume electricity and maintenance work such as inspection, maintenance, regular inspection and replacement of equipment. The reporter saw from the Interim Measures that the scope of application of the Interim Measures is Futian District, Luohu District, Nanshan District and Yantian District, and other districts (new districts) are implemented with reference to the Interim Measures, or they can formulate district-level standards by reference to these Measures. Subsidy measures, subsidies are arranged by district-level financial arrangements.

According to the Interim Measures, urban landscape lighting maintenance fees and electricity subsidy channels have been clearly defined:

1. The landscape lighting facilities invested and constructed by the government shall be maintained and managed by the construction unit or the competent department, and the maintenance and electricity expenses shall be borne by the financial funds.

2. The landscape lighting facilities invested by the society shall be maintained and managed by owners or managers. Among them, in the "Shenzhen City Lighting Special Plan" night scene key lighting control object classification table level, landscape lighting "three simultaneous" construction project area, and the lighting facilities according to the requirements of the competent departments to light, according to The Interim Measures shall provide maintenance and electricity subsidies; the maintenance and electricity subsidies within the Futian District, Luohu District, Nanshan District and Yantian District shall be borne by the municipal finance and included in the annual budget of the municipal competent department.


How to calculate the subsidies for landscape lighting facilities invested by social investment?

The "Interim Measures" gives the calculation method for the maintenance of landscape lighting facilities and the amount of subsidies for electricity subsidies for social investment construction. Among them, the maintenance fee subsidy amount calculation formula is: maintenance fee subsidy amount = landscape lighting facilities construction investment subsidy amount × subsidy ratio × assessment coefficient.

The investment subsidy amount for landscape lighting facilities construction (B) is calculated by referring to the formula for the different interval amounts of the landscape lighting construction investment (A). The amount standard in the formula is 10,000 yuan, such as A<1000, B=A×0.03; such as 1000≤A<3000, B=30+(A-1000)×0.02; such as 3000≤A<5000, B=70+( A-3000) × 0.01; such as A ≥ 5000, B = 90.

In addition, the formula for calculating the amount of electricity subsidy is: the amount of electricity subsidy = the total power of landscape lighting facilities × the prescribed lighting time × electricity price unit × subsidy ratio × assessment coefficient. Among them, the formula for calculating the unit price of electricity is: electricity unit price = electricity bill notice total amount ÷ billable electricity.

The proportion of subsidies in the maintenance fee and electricity subsidy calculation formula is divided into five types: residential buildings, commercial and residential building subsidy maintenance fees 100%, subsidized electricity costs 100%; incorporated into light performances or urban landmarks identified by government departments The subsidy electricity fee is 100%; the other building subsidy maintenance fee is 50%, and the subsidy electricity fee is 50%; the administrative agency and the full-funded public institution building are not subsidized; the advertising, signboard, window display and store lighting facilities of all buildings are not subsidized.

The assessment coefficient is assessed by the municipal competent department on the lighting effects of landscape lighting facilities in Futian District, Luohu District, Nanshan District and Yantian District. The assessment results are divided into four grades: excellent, good, qualified and unqualified. According to the assessment level, the maintenance fee and the electricity fee shall be subsidized according to the coefficient of 100%, 80% and 60% respectively, and the unqualified one shall not be subsidized. The specific assessment method shall be formulated separately, and in principle, the subsidy shall be paid once every six months.

Source: Shenzhen News