LED lamp power deviation analysis

Time:2019-05-06 18:43:53

At present, in the global lighting market, LED as a substitute for incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, with its long life, high luminous efficiency, environmental protection characteristics, accompanied by the rising price, has become the mainstream choice in the market.

UK, Canadian cities promote LED street light installation

Time:2019-04-24 12:22:42

European and American developed countries gradually eliminated high-pressure sodium lamps and promoted the use of LED street lights.

40,000 LED street lights will illuminate Wenzhou City

Time:2019-04-17 17:36:56

Recently, the city's Huancheng Road is undergoing street lighting renovation. The LED street lights on the taller high-rise will replace the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and become the illumination source for the citizens at night.

How did the torch go to the LED light?

Time:2019-04-15 17:18:53

From the torch, how do humans look for light? Listen to the story behind the "lighting revolution" of the president of Xiamen University

What is the impact of lighting on office workers?

Time:2019-03-25 11:59:58

Artificial lighting is used in more and more places, people spend most of their time under artificial lighting, artificial lighting provides convenience for humans, but at the same time there is evidence that poor lighting will also be good for human eyes. And mental health has a certain impact.

LED bulbs turn into cherry blossom

Time:2019-03-22 11:20:37

The digital art “Sakura” of Nihonbashi Muromachi, located in the Chuo-ku, Tokyo, has recently met with the public, attracting attention. The "Sakura Tree" consisting of about 100,000 LED bulbs is about 8 meters high and presents colorful colors such as green and peach.