What kind of experience about LED street light + vertical greening?

Time:2019-07-10 10:37:24

LED street light poles on the streets of London have been transformed into pillars of green plants to promote biodiversity and purify the air.

Guangzhou controls light pollution, new road lighting projects will use LED street lights

Time:2019-07-08 17:05:17

Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Eco-Environment stated in the notice document recommended by the representative of the Municipal People's Congress that at present, outdoor light pollution in Guangzhou is mainly concentrated in urban night lighting, commercial business activities and outdoor advertising, and signage light pollution. According to previous surveys conducted by the eco-environment department, nighttime outdoor lighting in Guangzhou is still good in night lighting, and outdoor advertising and signage are more serious.

Oakmont plans to upgrade gas street lights to LED street lights, saving cost and beauty

Time:2019-07-03 14:14:25

According to foreign media reports, in the United States, Oakmont, the traditional gas street lights along the Allegheny River Avenue will be extinguished, the local committee asked the government for funding for street lighting upgrade projects, the gas street lights replaced with LED street lights. For many years, members of the Oakmont Avenue project have been working to replace street lights across the shop on cobblestone roads with LED street lights.

Pakistan's PKM highway project LED street lighting project completed

Time:2019-07-01 12:00:42

On the evening of June 22, the 563-inch LED street lights of the Pakistan PKM expressway project, which was built by the China Hydropower Seventh Bureau, were all lit up, and the project lighting project was declared complete.

Devon County, UK plans to switch all street lights to LED street lights, reducing carbon emissions by 75%

Time:2019-06-26 11:33:27

According to British media reports, the Devon County Council in the southwest of England passed a resolution to replace all street lights with LED street lights in the next three years. Once completed, the street light will reduce carbon emissions by 75%, which is equivalent to a reduction of 8,000 cars on the road.

The Argentine capital became the first city in Latin America to achieve full coverage of LED lighting

Time:2019-06-24 16:59:18

According to local media reports, after nearly six years of efforts, as of the beginning of this month, the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires has completed the city's public lighting energy-saving renovation project, the first to become the first municipal lighting in Latin America to use LED lights. city.