iFLUX solar LED street light in Morogoro

Time:2018-11-16 19:42:06

iFLUX solar LED street light in Morogoro

The 2018 iFLUX new product second release

Time:2018-10-18 16:59:07

The new products include street light, flood light, panel light, ceiling light, switch and so on.

iFLUX's World Cup Giveaways Are Greatly Welcomed

Time:2018-07-30 17:01:50

During the World Cup period, iFLUX held a World Cup theme Facebook campaign with 3 giveaways on two of our Page (iFLUXLigthing and iFLUXLightingNigeria) to show our support to the African teams. We predicted the scores, and also took videos to cheer up for the African teams. One of the giveaways using the hashtag #SoarSuperEagles to show our ambitions on the Nigeria National Football team was greatly welcomed by our followers.

Football Tournament in UON campus – iFLUX Team Won

Time:2018-07-04 14:57:52

With many matches in the two days, MMU football team finally won the trophy by its strong football skills and team cooperation. As the sponsor of MMU team, iFLUX was so proud of this team and strongly congrats for its big win!

iFLUX Lights in Ghana's Primary School

Time:2018-06-14 18:09:19

We are proud of what we've achieved, but there are still countries and people who are under the torture of lack of lights. Therefore, we still have a lot of work to do.

Why is iFLUX focus on LED lights & solar lights in Africa?

Time:2018-05-31 13:56:18

Being as a lighting company spread across 19 African countries, iFLUX knows exactly the lighting conditions in Africa. Considering the realistic situations in Africa, we choose to pay attention to solar lighting products and affordable LED lighting products here in Africa to help people get rid of the lighting problems and help people there to dream a better future.