Responding to global energy conservation and environmental protection actions, gas stations are accelerating the use of LED lights

Time:2019-07-19 14:20:54

Gas stations are an important part of urban public services. They are a 24-hour business venue that requires more efficient energy-saving lighting. This not only saves operating costs, but also meets global energy conservation and environmental protection indicators.

Improve urban lighting in an all-round way, Tianjin, China will transform street lights and create a night view of the lights

Time:2019-07-16 17:23:06

On July 12th, the Tianjin Municipal Management Committee announced the “Implementation Plan for the “1001 Project” of Tianjin Street Lamps” and the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the National Management Work in the National Day of the National Day”, respectively, on the upgrading and construction of the street lighting facilities in Tianjin. Night lighting to enhance urban lighting.

Wilmington, USA launches LED streetlight upgrade project, targeting smart city targets

Time:2019-07-15 14:15:10

Foreign media reported that Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware, will install a new type of smart lighting system throughout the city. The program is the first of its kind in West Center City, North Market Street and Baynard Boulevard this month, with 215 LED street lights and 50 smart sensors.

What kind of experience about LED street light + vertical greening?

Time:2019-07-10 10:37:24

LED street light poles on the streets of London have been transformed into pillars of green plants to promote biodiversity and purify the air.

Guangzhou controls light pollution, new road lighting projects will use LED street lights

Time:2019-07-08 17:05:17

Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Eco-Environment stated in the notice document recommended by the representative of the Municipal People's Congress that at present, outdoor light pollution in Guangzhou is mainly concentrated in urban night lighting, commercial business activities and outdoor advertising, and signage light pollution. According to previous surveys conducted by the eco-environment department, nighttime outdoor lighting in Guangzhou is still good in night lighting, and outdoor advertising and signage are more serious.

Oakmont plans to upgrade gas street lights to LED street lights, saving cost and beauty

Time:2019-07-03 14:14:25

According to foreign media reports, in the United States, Oakmont, the traditional gas street lights along the Allegheny River Avenue will be extinguished, the local committee asked the government for funding for street lighting upgrade projects, the gas street lights replaced with LED street lights. For many years, members of the Oakmont Avenue project have been working to replace street lights across the shop on cobblestone roads with LED street lights.