LED tube upgrade in the workshop
Find out how a company made the lighting system in their workshops more energy efficient and reduced largely the operating costs.

Needs and challenges

Southern Fujian is one of China's important manufacturing centers, which brings together a number of large food and clothing manufacturers. Most manufactures currently use T8 fluorescent tubes as the main lighting source in the workshops. Due to the downturn of international market and attenuation of orders, local businesses have to look out for more urgent programs to cut costs. The energy-efficient LED lighting upgrade project can exactly bring this opportunity to them.

Target: Reduce energy cost by 60% and maintenance cost by 95%.

The right lighting

The customer company, with a history of 26 years, currently has more than 2,800 employees, and eight production bases. Their products line in the forefront in the industry in sale and market share. Enterprises in southern Fujian have ignored the economic benefits via lighting system improvement, and most of their production workshop still use traditional T8 fluorescent tubes which are cheap but unstable in quality. Their average lifespan is only 20% of that of LED T8 tubes, while twice power consumption. Then they purposed to save operating expenses with the help of LED lighting upgrade project, and have now replaced the lighting system in the workshop with LED T8 tubes.

LED T8 tube can directly replace traditional fluorescent ones. The light emitting angle of LED tube is more focused which effectively improves the illumination above the workshop stage. Furthermore, the light fade rate of LED T8 tube is a lot slower than fluorescent tubes, which effectively protects the working environment of stable brightness, and improves security . 

The food company replaced all the T8 fluorescent tubes with LED T8 tube, and saved more than 60% energy cost and 95% maintenance cost.

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