Panel light upgrade project in office building
Learn how LED panel light helped a large-scale office building to achieve the improvement of lighting effect and the purpose of energy saving.

Needs and challenges

With its unique geographical advantage and the support of government policies, Shenzhen has been ranked in the top of first-tier cities in China, and is now steadily moving forward towards the goal of becoming an international financial center. Currently, in Futian District alone, there are hundreds of office buildings. But problems come along with the development, the government needs to control the rising electricity consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Target: Reduce emissions and 80% cost, and improve lighting quality and consistency.

The right lighting

Lighting system is an essential and important part in operating the office building. Creating a coordinated bright space can make the whole office look more spacious, stately and provide people with a comfortable and pleasant work environment as well as a casual atmosphere.

All along, however, office buildings mainly use grid lamps which have disadvantages of low color temperature, low lighting efficiency, high energy consumption and increase in costs and other issues. In the special office environment, the lighting system requires a daily lighting time more than 12 hours, and the huge electricity costs account for a large proportion in the company's operating costs. It not only caused a great waste of social resources, but also seriously affected the company's interest. Therefore, under the premise of guaranteeing professional lighting effects, reducing lighting costs is particularly important.

The case takes place in an office building in Nanshan District in Shenzhen. The customer entreprise felt that a lighting upgrade is imminent, so they applied the plan by iFLUX and replaced all the grid lamps with LED panel lights.

After the upgrade, all grid lamps in the office building have been replaced by iFLUX LED panel lights which helped save more than 80% energy.

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