Lighting upgrade of warehouse of logistic company
Find out how LED lighting helped a large logistic company to improve the lighting environment of warehouse and at the same time, save 2/3 energy.

Needs and challenges

The customer enterprise is one of China's largest logistic companies, and currently has more than 300,000 employees and thousands of transit warehouses around the world. Every year, they invest huge cost in warehouse lighting, so they hope to use the most advanced LED lighting to reduce their administrative costs, and at the same time improve the lighting environment. In October 2015, to improve the peripheral field illumination of a transit farm warehouse in Changsha, China, the customer enterprise decided to change the lamps into LED lighting.

Target: Save at least 50% cost.

The right lighting

The transit farm in Changsha constructed in the early time, has a total of nine plants. Each front gate of the plants uses 8 pcs 400W high pressure sodium lamps, which cause a yearly electricity cost of 180,000 CNY. In order to reduce the entire operating costs, the customer enterprise decided to use 72 pcs 150W LED floodlights according to the model calculations of iFLUX engineers. Not only did the electricity cost go down, but the lighting effect got better with ground illumination reaching 30LX.

The customer logistic company saved 70% electricity fee by using LED floodlight and got a better illumination effect with more even ground illumination.

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