Warehouse in Kunshan
Find out how a warehouse of 10,000 meters square improved their working condition and saved operation cost through lighting upgrade.
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Downlight upgrade project in chain hotel
Find out how a famous chain hotel brand improved the illuminance and evenness of lighting system in their hotels and at the same time reached the goal of saving energy via LED lighting upgrade.
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Restaurant Group in Hong Kong
Find out how Hong a restaurant group in Hong Kong applied LED lighting renovation project to make the spotlight illumination systems in their restaurants more beautiful with better illumination and evenness, and also achieve the target of saving energy.
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Urbanization Strategy project in Dodoma, Tanzania
Dkisasa road, Dodoma,Tanzania in 2017
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The LED streetlight project of Jiangxi Zhongmei East Africa Aviation School in Kenya
30689-00100,Airport Road, Nairobi, Kenya in 2018
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