Corporate Social Responsibility

Technology dissemination and training

iFLUX provides African people with advanced LED lighting technology. Besides, iFLUX provides many professional training chances for local employees to teach them skills. Furthermore, iFLUX has the plan to cooperate with governments to run LED lighting knowledge class, and spread this advanced technology into the universities and among more African people.

Sustainable Development

LED is a great revolution in lighting industry. As the expense on lighting rises consistently and rapidly, global energy consumption continues to grow. The positive impact that a small LED light bulb brings is unprecedented. It saves more energy than traditional incandescent lamps and can be used in a variety of occasions. We believe that every corner in the planet should take the road of sustainable development, so that our products are of high quality and reasonable prices to make it available for more people and places.

Nowadays, a rising number of customers begin to replace the traditional lamps into lighting LED lamps which can be directly replaced without new base. We can say that LED lighting is by far be the most outstanding invention in lighting industry:

• If one million people change their lamps into LED, it will offset yearly carbon dioxide emissions by 6700 tons, i.e. plant 17 millions trees in one year;

• LED technology will lead the lighting design to a new world - it is widely used, easy to light and render high-quality warm light.

• LED is very safe - no heat emission nor mercury.

Create more jobs

With the development of iFLUX, the demand for local employees is also growing, therefore, iFLUX will make more jobs and help ease employment pressure.


Furthermore, iFLUX is also committed to charity, and has been looking for more opportunities to bring lighting products to those who are lack of light. In January 2016, iFLUX took an important part in Tecno’s “Light up Ikeja” project at Computer Village in Lagos, Nigeria and became the supplier of the 88 street lights which, according to the OGUNBIYI COMMUNITY DEVELEPMENT ASSOCIATION, have greatly improved the security and commercial activities in this community.

In the future, iFLUX will participate in different kinds of charitable activities, to illuminate the bright and warm future.